Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Patty Melts

My mom used to make these for us all the time when we were growing up. It is still one of my favorite sandwiches. 

2 slices of bread (I had 4 because I was making 2 sandwiches)
1lb ground beef
cheese (I used american and cheddar)

Form the ground beef into 2 patties, season with salt and pepper on both sides

 In a skillet cook the patties until they are done all the way through

spread butter on the bread

place the buttered side down on another skillet (like you are making a grilled cheese) and add the cheese

add the hamburger patty

 place the other slice of bread on top

cooked until bread it nice and crispy


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  1. I have NO idea why I wasn't already following this...You should add a "Pin it" button so pepole can pin your creations and give you more publicity! :D